Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Surround Sound Systems Go Wireless – Pros and Cons

Thanks to science, we can now have wireless surround sound systems for our arenas! Due to recent technological advancements, a wireless connection between several satellite speakers and surround sound amplifier is no more a surprise for us. Though, a surround sound system having “no wires” looks more convenient, but there are also certain drawbacks like cost of the system, interference of its transmission, and the unrelenting requirement for cables, should also be taken into consideration. I am not against technology but you must, at least once, consider the pros and cons of wireless surround sound systems before choosing one for you. After reading below, I hope you will find it better to cling to traditional surround sound systems!


a. Surround sound systems require fewer connecting wires – which mean “less hassle”. Well, you don’t really get rid of wires as you still need them to connect various components with the central unit. You don’t need wires to connect the amps with your satellite speakers, and hide them under the carpet or whatsoever. An infrared or radio transmission system is included in these systems to provide connectivity between various components of the system.

b. Another argument in favor of a wireless system is the cutting edge wireless technology itself! Wires distort the quality of digital signals. With the help of infrared transmitters, digital signals are beamed directly to the respective speaker through its receiver. This way, digital signals retain their acoustic qualities.


a. There still are various surround sound systems available in the market, which utilize obsolete technology for transmitting audio signals. The transmission of these systems is distorted by a number of household gizmos like microwaves, Bluetooth and WiFi equipment, and cordless phones. This drop-offs the quality of audio signal and we hear an inferior quality sound from our speakers.

b. Furthermore, if you go to the market, you will come to know that the price of a high-quality wireless speaker for the surround system is fairly high! A latest JBL wireless speaker may cost as much as $995! Many of us won’t think of that as a drawback but it sure takes the product out of the range of a number of buyers.

c. The finishing, worthy of notice, con is the fact that even the latest wireless systems need wires to be fully operational. Speakers may get their input wirelessly, but in order to work, they still need power input through wires! In other words, they still need cabling to work properly.

Each and every electronic gadget that we use today in our daily life has its own downsides! These downsides can be in terms of their half-true claims, functionality, or monetary value. Although, wireless surround sound systems do lessen a number of wires to make the sound system work, there still are wires required to complete the circuit. The signal strength transmitted by these systems can also be weakened by the interference of other electronic gadget that we use in our household. If you want to be satisfied with your purchase, you must take these points into consideration.

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