Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wireless Surround Sound System – Pros & Cons

Home theater packages are exclusively designed for homes, intended to produce the special effects and feelings of commercial theater. There only purpose is to give people a real cinema experience in their private homes. If you go check out the market, you will come to know that the market is full of a huge variety of home theater packages. Some are ordinary while some are really expensive and come with various additional features. Good quality home theater packages come with HDTV and wireless surround-sound system.

There are more products than you can count on your fingers that come with wireless surround sound systems. As their speakers are wirelessly connected with the audio source, you do not really have to worry about accidentally pulling a speaker down while you are sitting on your sofa. Although, they look just like other normal surround sound systems, but they have smaller number of cables to deal with. Naturally, just like any other thing, these systems too have a number of pros and cons. Below, I am about to discuss some of the main points.


Not many Interference Issues

With surround sound speakers, you don’t much have to deal with malfunctioning and annoying buzzing noises too often. There aren’t many interference issues with these systems so, I can tell, that for sure is a sigh of relief for most of the music lovers. The only thing you need to see is if there is any other wirelessdevice that is placed in that area? If there is one, try to place it away of your wireless speakers or it will distort the signal.


Reduced Sound Quality

That’s a major disadvantage of wireless surround sound speakers! They fail to deliver a refined quality of sound. As far as wireless surround sound speakers are concerned, they deliver excellent quality of sound. The problem is actually with the left, right, and front center speakers. They fail to deliver the desired quality and they don’t do any better than the wired speakers. In actual fact, these speakers still require wires to be connected with the system.

Not Completely Wireless  

You will be astonished to know, “even though manufacturers claim their speakers to be wireless, but the reality is far from that!” Their speakers still need wires to be powered up. They have designed some speakers that run on batteries, but the sound quality of these speakers is quite inferior. However, you could place a couple of speakers in different rooms of your residence and listen to whatever you like as there aren’t many wires required to make the speaker work.

In the end, the decision, whether to choose a wireless surround sound system or not, is totally yours. While there are many people, who don’t see anything wrong with these systems, but there still are some, who don’t like them for their above mentioned disadvantages. To make the right decision at the time of purchase, you will have to calculate your audio and multimedia needs before you step out for the market. 


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